Colt Mustand Lite .380




The Compact Colts are ideal for Personal Protection. The Colt .380 Mustang Pocketlite and new Mustang Lite are small, lightweight and boast enhanced durability, reliability and accuracy, making either an ideal handgun for personal protection. The precise machining process, use of high quality materials and improvements in design make Colt’s new .380 Mustang Pocketlite and Mustang Lite two of the most consistent and reliable firearms on the market. The stainless steel slide and barrel are CNC machines from solid bar stock for precise tolerances. With loaded magazines, each of the handguns weight less than one pound. They both measure 5.5 inches long and have a 2.75-inch barrel. The minimal weight and length of these guns, combined with the short single action trigger, grip designs, frame designs and firing pin safety block make these firearms ideal for personal protection.

  • The Colt Mustang® Pistol is ideal for personal protection and concealment
  • John Browning inspired design retains 1911 ergonomics
  • Modern re-engineered format retains the lightweight design of the Original Mustang® Pocketlite but with enhanced reliability
  •  Thumb safety design allows the shooter to unload the pistol while the safety is still engaged